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Energy Balancing Introduction Video


Most people are familiar with blood test or had a lab testing done. Usually results come back with levels of certain vitamins or minerals, blood count numbers, or proteins present. Those tests are looking at levels of chemical compounds in the body.
Bioenergetic testing is a bit different.    
Everything that exists physically has a unique energetic pattern to represent it. We refer to that pattern as a signature. You may have heard the term “frequency” used in similar situations; it’s a similar concept, but a signature is more complete – like a band of frequencies. The Qest4 system outputs a series of signatures representing various items (such as hormones, vitamins, minerals, toxins, pathogens, emotions, meridians, chakras, etc.) as the person holds a set of electrodes in their hands. If any of these patterns are dissonant within the individual, that response is recorded and shows up on the computer screen. Those energetic imbalances can then be addressed in any number of ways — the primary method being to “imprint” those patterns into a bottle of liquid drops that the person can take daily. Every time the person takes the drops, the signatures imprinted act as information communicating with the individual, allowing them to “balance” or remove energetic blocks.
The human body and soul have an amazing and natural tendency toward health and balance. When something is not right, there are systems set in place to let us know (disease, mental or emotional health issues, pain, etc.). As we learn to listen to our body and our spirit and respond to these cues, we can assist in that natural drive towards harmony.

The World's #l Bioenergetic Testing System

What is the Qest4 system?
A combination of Meridian Stress Analysis (MSA), Electro dermal System (EDS), bio-energetic, bioresonance testing and biofeedback all in one device. Qest4 system provides practitioner with:
• Information about clients’ health needs that cannot be obtained from case history, questioning or simple observation.
• The ability to send the balancing information directly to the body using liquid or Laser imprints as a carrier of the energetic signature needed to support the body in healing and balancing process.
• Recommendations for herbs and supplements that are appropriate to the clients’ individual needs.

History of Bio-energetic Testing

Electrodermal Testing is a concept developed in early 1950's and pioneered by Dr. Voll, a medical doctor who got interested in Chinese meridians and then developed a technology to test the electrical activity at these acupuncture points. He noticed that the resistance changes at these points and he also found out that if we place a remedy in the bodies energetic field, the resistance changes. He then used this to asses his patients and help then find the remedies according the their needs.

How does it work

The system software contains digital library of information (frequencies) relating to a wide range of health factors that is output by the Qest4 hardware as electromagnetic signals during testing. Using a simple low voltage circuit created by holding two brass cylinders, the response of the body to those signals is recorded by measuring changes in the electrical resistance of the skin. This information is sent back to the software and a report is generated on the computer of any responses that are outside certain limits.

Is it Really Possible to know all that level of details about the body?

Qest4 test is an example of a process that we call bio-energetic testing. We ‘asking the body a question’ and obtain responses directly from the body, without engaging the conscious of the mind. As a comparison, Muscle testing or applied kinesiology, is another form of bio-energetic testing applied by health practitioners where the question is often asked verbally, or the subject may hold the substance that is being tested. The response is usually measured by changes in the strength of the muscles and checked manually by the tester. Lie detectors also makes use of the electrical responsiveness of the skin as used in the Qest4.

The Qest4 measures the body’s response to signal sent from the device by recording and analyzing changes in the electrical resistance of the skin. Since the digital library can store unlimited information, we can test for thousands of nutritional factors, homeopathic remedies, cell salts, herbs, nosodes for bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi toxins and much more .

Qest4 can be used to address:

Qest4 can be used to address:
Energy flow blockages
Underlying Root Causes of health issues
Organ Balance check
Heavy Metals and chemical toxins
Infectious organisms – fungus, bacteria, viruses, & parasites
Identifying sensitivities/allergies
Nutritional supplementation

Schedule a visit and let us know how we can help.

Energy Balancing: Our Services

Still not sure how this works! 

For more information about the bioenergetic testing system, please watch the video below


Frequently Asked Questions

Energy Balancing Related Questions, Answered for You

Do you offer free health consultations?

We do offer Free Nutrition consult as well as Energy Balancing intro session to go over the basics of the testing and what to expect. That will then determine if we need to run the energetic testing of our clients. Please contact us for more info!

What is your new patient procedure?

You can basically book your appointment on-line and our practitioner will go over the testing procedure with you.

Is there any concerns about using this technology?

The testing is non-invasive and works on all cases. However, our practitioner will go over the process with you so you know what to expect before the session.

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