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$97 FREE Online Course for Natural Eyesight Improvement


Proven Step-by-Step Video Course by 15-Year Glasses Veteran Reveals How You Too Can Restore Your Natural Eyesight & Re-Build Your Vision TODAY... without Painful & Risky Procedures! 

You Don't Need a "High-Tech Expensive Surgery" to Get Started... You Just Need to Get Started With Simple Vision Activities!

And what If I told you that you only need 15-min daily routine to start seeing clearly again without your glasses or contact lenses?!  


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Eyesight can be healed even though it contradicts what you have been made to think! Yes it gets worse as you age but that doesn't mean it wou! That is based on what Allah says in the Quran "ٌفإنها لا تعمى الأبصار ولكن تعمى القلوب التي في الصدور" .

Yes! It is possible and thousands of people were able to restore their natural eyesight using this effective techniques. 

I personally used it and was able to restore my 20/20 vision and was able to get rid off my glasses! 


Restore Natural Eyesight in As Soon As TWO Weeks!


The root cause of vision issues

We help you discover why your vision is deteriorating and what you need to know about vision


Relearn how to see

We teach you good vision habits and how to use your eyes correctly! 


Improve and Maintain Vision

Learn techniques to improve your vision and also how to maintain good vision for long term!



Bates method

In the early 20th century, An American ophthalmologist, William Bates, invented his approach for improving & perfecting eye health and visual function through natural means.


The Main Principles

“The object of all the methods used in the treatment of imperfect sight without glasses is to secure rest or relaxation, of the mind first and then of the eyes. Rest
always improves the vision. Straining to effort
always lowers it"

W. Bates

Assortment of Books
Eye Exam


Relearn Good Vision Habits!

“The eye with imperfect sight habitually stares and tries to freeze its aim at the point of fixation. The normal eye does not stare as long as it has normal sight. Eyes with normal vision never regards a point for more than a fraction of a second. Instead, the normal eye shifts constantly to aim at one detail and then to another and another.

W. Bates


Daily Vision Activities!

"All errors of refraction and many other eye troubles are cured by rest; but there are many ways of obtaining this rest, and all patients cannot do it in the same way. Sometimes after a long succession of patients is helped by the same particular method, will
come someone one who does not respond to it at all.”


“The simplest way to rest the eyes is to close them for a longer or shorter period and think about something agreeable. This is always the first thing that I tell patients to do.”


"Successful palming is impossible without mental  shifting and swinging, and the use of the memory and imagination.” W. Bates

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