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At Sincere Nutrition we offer several wellness services to get you feeling better again. All our services are holistic and personalized to you!


Nutritional services

Gut issues? Food sensitivities? Low energy? No focus? Weight loss? Or just better understanding of living healthy? YES we can help you with all of the above and more! Call us and find out how we can help YOU accomplish your goals or overcome any health problems you may be experiencing. As the name implies, we sincerely want you to feel good!
We offer a personalized and holistic approach! Each client will meet with the dietitian for a free 15 minute consult. The next step is to conduct an initial assessment in which the client will receive a full body composition analysis along with a diet analysis. The dietitian can then draw out a road map with the goal in mind to see what we can do from there
One size fits all doesn't work for anyone. We want to truly and sincerely understand you and help you achieve the goals in mind. Along with nutrition services, we offer a range of other natural remedies including aromatherapy, energy balancing. We collaborate with a practitioners to meet all you health needs right here in one place!

Energy Balancing Services

Most people are familiar with blood test or had a lab testing done. Usually results come back with levels of certain vitamins or minerals, or blood count numbers. Those tests are looking at levels of chemical compounds in the body.

And most people visited a Chiropractor for adjustment or have heard of Acupuncture treatment, Yoga meditation, and Reiki as form of energy medicine.


Bioenergetic testing is a bit different.

The body is able to tell us what it needs using a electromagnetic device!

We offer bioenergetic scanning to better understand the underlying root cause of your health concerns.

Already committed to taking back control of your health !

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Bioenergy Consult

Full-body Bioenergetic scanning

(includes three detailed scans)

1- Root cause scan

2- Nutritional needs scan*

3- Info scan for organs and systems

PLUS 1 follow-up visit

Nutrition Consult


Full-body nutritional assessment*

Body Mass Index (BMI)

2 follow-up sessions**

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I came to the Sincere nutrition after nothing else worked to help with my IBS and other body symptoms. Lamees and Amer took the time to listen, test and take me through each and every step of my journey towards heeling. I was not able to fast for the past five years due to excruciating abdominal pain that no other medical test could figure out (gone through all possible IBS regimens, had all endoscopies possible and tested negative for IBD and Celiac). I really almost gave up. After only a few weeks I felt much better and was even able to fast with ease, something I have not done in five years!. Amer and Lamees approach is holistic, you walk home with a list of foods to avoid, with drops that balance your energy, will supplements your body actually needs and breathing and bodily exercises to aid with your stress levels and physique, and most importantly you walk away with KNOWLEDGE. When you know why you’re doing something, you commit and your body reacts better. This experience was worth every minute and dollar I invested in it. They went above and beyond with free follow ups and weekly check ins by email, I really felt the commitment, honesty and support. I cannot thank them enough and they will always be in my prayers!

A. A. - Columbus, OH

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Help us learn more about the issues you’re struggling with.
You’ll receive thoughtful feedback and information about your individual situation.
We will listen and provide suggestions to help direct you.
If you are a good fit for our services, we’ll discuss how we can help you change the future of your health & schedule your first appointment!