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Meet our team

Lamees Lahham, Registered Dietitian

With a BS in Nutrition Sciences and thorough internship training in several fields, Lamees has gained the experience aiding her passion for nutrition counseling. She loves to help clients find practical ways to make it easier for clients to eat and live healthy. Lamees believes food is medicine and has the power to help us heal. Her favorite aspect of practicing nutrition is getting to build amazing connections with clients and seeing clients reach their goals. Lamees offers a range of services from 1-on-1 counseling to workshops and workplace wellness.

Amer Chaaban, MS - Bioenergetic specialist 

I started my journey overcoming my own health challenges including IBS through nutrition and energy balancing. Knowing modern medicine didn't always have the answer, I was determined to find a path that offers more than just a pill. I have since then dedicated myself to learning more and gaining the knowledge I need in bioenergy and natural healing. With a background in electrical engineering, I was able to make the connection between the effect of the electromagnetic (EMF) and the human body. In my free time, I enjoy being an inventor.

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